For Now

I cannot put my words


It is as if they are trapped

Inside my brain

Words I need

To express my distress

Feelings of disbelief

And if I am truthful


At what is being allowed

In the unraveling of my country’s


I cannot get the words out

Write them down

Will have to let other voices

Be heard

Other voices exclaim

The anger     bewilderment


Like silt building up

In the pristine waters

Of a mountain stream

I will listen

Follow where they lead

Trusting it be

Into the light of reason



For now

My hibiscus blooms large scarlet discs

Under my window


For now

I watch crazy flights

Of a Phoebe bird

As it snaps up insects

On the wing

Am mesmerized

By these different sized evergreens

On a hill

Above the Camino Real

Swaying as one

In the wind


For now

Music     laughter

Kind voices from anyone


Human and animal

Voices of my children

My True Love

Sounds from my own world

The only real word now

For me

If Only I Could

Do you not see   truly see
Faces of children
Caught in the middle of war
As they witness     as they experience
Cruelty exploding around them
Their eyes wide with fear
Faces expressing bewilderment
Frozen in terror

Do you not feel   truly feel
A silent war like an infection
Coursing through the blood stream
Of our country
For me    guns are the virus
Gunshots into a crowded concert
At innocents in a store
A school yard   a movie theater
To claim a religion   an ideological
It is war   wherever guns are used
To kill   to maim   to terrify
I abhor them
Would outlaw guns
If only I could

Love is the Answer

” The Light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness apprehended it not.”  —The Bible–ASV:  John 1:5
I made an intent
To myself
It came from Spirit
From my soul
I do not watch
The news
Do not hear
Do not see
Rained upon
Blood spilled from
Who have done no harm
To anyone
But an email
Creeps onto my screen
I read it before
Realizing its contents
My bewilderment turns to
Bleeds through my
Into the core of my


From where I am
I no longer ask
Why     Why
Does it keep happening
I no longer
How a human being
Can inflict harm
Take life
From a fellow being
Even a child


I have no answers
Never did
I have no power
To stop these acts
But in faith
I ask
Can you love
Deep enough     strongly
To send your love
To everyone     everywhere
In our world
No matter who they
Can we try
Can you     can I


“Love is the answer
To every question” *
Love     Love     Loving
For me
Our Path to Peace
*"A course in Miracles"
photo credit