Big Blue Part II

*editor’s note: Wendy’s Big Blue post received some fun comments. In response to a friend’s email that arrived in Wendy’s in-box shortly after the post was uploaded, her friend describes her own memoires of a 1960’s, seatbelt-less Buick with her own five children sliding around. Wendy replied with the following email:

“Big Blue” had a vista dome, and I didn’t remember the third back seat at first, but now that you mention it, there was one and it faced forward, unlike other station wagons. Knowing Ronny and Andy’s carsick problems, we didn’t want any of the kids facing backwards. Even Danny and Dina!

Ugh! And isn’t it fun to know we share this Buick Vista Dome experience? I loved “Big Blue.” We sold it to a neighbor on our cul-de- sac when we moved to San Clemente. “Big Blue” had over 200,000 miles and I guess we decided it was time to part. Broke my heart, but there was only us-ins left at home to drive it.

The neighbor bought it and immediately had an accident. They sold it I guess, and that also made me sad! But the worst was yet to come. One afternoon, Steve and I were driving on a back road in San Juan Capistrano; how we managed to get on the road we couldn’t figure out. There was a chain link fence with a canvas like material covering the fence from the inside of what appeared to be a lot with abandoned cars. All of a sudden, I spotted a familiar luggage rack on the roof of a car.

“Stop! Stop!” I yelled. Steve slammed on the breaks, not knowing what I was yelling about. “It’s ‘Big Blue.’” I started to cry. “’Big Blue’s’ ending its life in a junk yard of abandoned and messed up cars.”

We got out to make certain it was indeed “Big Blue”. It was; a telltale color blue was all we could see, but the luggage rack and the vista dome and the color blue was all we needed to verify “Blue’s” identity.

You may wonder, dear Sylvia, how I could get so attached to a car. Never had before, never have since. But so many little trips, so many children, not only ours, had ridden in it. So many drives to my mother and stepfather’s home. So many places we had gone in “Big Blue.” Never should have sold it; but that’s a ridiculous statement. Just maybe not to that particular neighbor. But who knew!

Love you, dearest friend,


3 thoughts on “Big Blue Part II

  • October 15, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    Big Blue was a big part of my life. It took me to many fun events and drove my best friend Andy and I to college. I could go on and on. Most important it safely brought my second family from Chicago and with them so many cherished memories. I can’t thank Big Blue enough!!!!

  • October 15, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Very fun story. I made a few trips with my family to West Virginia from Texas City Texas in their 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon, and then their 1963 Ford Galaxy station wagon. The trips back then were before Interstate highways, of course, and the trip took most of 3 days of my Dad’s driving. Many memories of those trips, and most of them not real pleasant due to my Dad not being a fun travel companion. I sure was grateful for my older (by 2 years) brother, as we had that big station wagon to ourselves. Well, except for all the luggage and our dog. She was a small dog, and a good traveler. Thanks for sharing and reminding me there can be a good story in our memories.

  • October 19, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Big Blue was an all-time classic! Thanks for the memories Mrs. B!


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