Haiku is the new …

Haiku is a type of short form poetry that originated in Japan. Traditional Japanese haiku consist of three phrases composed of 17 phonetic units (called on in Japanese, which are similar to syllables) in a 5, 7, 5 pattern.*

Might Haiku offer a simpler, more fun way to express the thoughts and feelings that flow through a poet’s veins? Perhaps. This kind of writing-as-game offers one the opportunity to enjoy the craft of writing in a new and fun way. Can I make the 5-7-5 pattern into something interesting, meaningful, funny, poignant, and if so, why not try? Wendy has given it a go, and we think you might enjoy journeying though a few months in the life of a practiced poet who decided to try something new. If you feel moved to join in, leave your Haiku in the comments below.

In January

Sky remains lighter later

As day is ending


Scarlet azaleas

I see them from my window

Winter’s gift to me


No sun this morning

Yonder hill is obscured

Is it mist or fog?


I would have a gown

Color of the azaleas

Deep scarlet are they


Heavy rain pours down

Pounds against my windowpane

Kettle drums drumming


We will not complain

The azaleas are blooming

The full moon rises


Daylight savings time

Weird     heard the cows are to blame

No     blame the chickens


Our children are grown

Memories of their childhood

Forever in my heart


Don’t mind being alone

Because I know you’ll be home

All year Thanksgiving


Help     loud music plays

Please CVS Pharmacy

Answer     save my ears


Blue sky vanishes

Clouds you are beautiful

But please go away


Morocco Michael?

With your sketchbook in cafes?

You never came home


Night owl from day one

Janitor hears her howling

“Wendy, go to sleep!”


Mama wears fox tails

Head too     ugh ugh horrible

Her high fashion stole


The sound of his voice

Gives me the heebee-jeebies

Gift him to Putin


Mourning Dove calls calls

Keeps calling     no one answers

I would if I could

Truth to Tell

I Love these days

Letting go their light

Into a darkening sky

Late in an autumn’s


As the sun descends

Over the waiting ocean

Sends its final rays

Against the side

Of a distant hill

A canvas for many shades

Of mauve

That signal the end

Of day


I love the hints of

Coming night

Street lights on

House windows lit from


Are there children

Around a kitchen table

Heads bent over books

Pencils in hands

Logs in a fireplace

Ready to burn away

A season’s chill


Then images of the many

With no place of their


Nowhere to go

Push their way into my


Of home     of comfort

Full bellies

Stark realities of days

Growing shorter     nights longer


It is a duality of feelings

Inside me

Long in my life

Have I Loved fall’s dwindling


Loved a friendly dark

Closing in

But there are two sides

To this picture

I would it were not


Would it were not


Not so

The Eclipse Super Blood Moon

 On the driveway 
Of our home
We stand together
Heads back    looking up
Into the black of the 
As the full moon
Allows earth's shadow
To cover the brilliance
Of her light
Slowly   but not truly
Her white light
As tho a blanket
Were being pulled
Over her naked 

You hold my hand
You keep my feet
On the cement
They stand upon
It is a closeness
An intimacy I feel
Under the sky
This gift from the natural
The Universe Itself
Oh   thank you
Thank you
Thank you