Wendy’s compassion and respect for life in all its endless variety, from the infinitely small and fragile to the strong and perdurable, and her deep concern for the wellbeing of all humanity, illuminate her work.
— Betty M. Cortus Ph.D., Honorary Vice President, The Thomas Hardy Association, University of St. Andrews

Wendy Blumberg has the gift of perceiving what is in our souls and putting the deepest most private human thoughts into poetry. Her awareness of detailed human interactions often makes my eyes fill with tears when reading her words. The insight and impact of her poetry can truly change lives.
—Sylvia Hewitt, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Wendy is our treasured Unity Santa Fe Poet Laureate. Her words speak to both the heart and spirit. I find myself deeply touched and frequently moved to tears as I feel her words in the core of my being. I am drawn in by the intimacy of her message, whether the poem is about a close loved one, nature, world events, or her deep connection with Spirit.
—Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor, Minister-Unity Santa Fe

“Blumberg is a first-rate poet who strings words together as carefully as a jeweler threads diamonds on a necklace. Her poems are simple, yet they pierce the heart with honesty and clarity.”
—Lynn Cline, Santa Fe New Mexican

A talent like Blumberg’s is simply too dazzling to escape public recognition.
—Jann Arrington Wolcott, author of Brujo, & Deathmark

[Thunder from the Mountains] is a powerful book, one that can be read again and again
—Ellen Reich, author of The Gynecic Papers, & Reverse Kiss