Love is the Answer (February 2015)









“The Light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness

apprehended it not.”

The Bible, ASV: John 1:5

I made an intent

To myself

It came from Spirit

From my soul

I do not watch

The news

Do not hear

Do not see


Rained upon


Blood spilled from


Who have done no harm

To anyone


But an email

Creeps onto my screen

I read it before

Realizing its contents

My bewilderment turns to


Bleeds through my


Into the core of my



From where I am


I no longer ask

Why     Why

Does it keep happening

I no longer


How a human being

Can inflict harm

Take life

From a fellow being

Even a child


I have no answers

Never did

I have no power

To stop these acts

But in faith

I ask

Can you love


Deep enough     strongly


To send your love

To everyone     everywhere

In our world

No matter who they


Can we try

Can you     can I


“Love is the answer

To every question” *


Love     Love     Loving

For me

Our Path to Peace


*A Course in Miracles




I would hold you close

In my arms

As you grieve your loss

Mother     Father     Siblings

Your family     your home

Witnessing scenes

No child should have to see

No one should have to see

If I could     Child

I would erase these pictures

From your mind

Your mind’s hauntings

Spilling into your dreamworld



You are every child

To me

Who has suffered cruelties

Of war

Cruelties from greed

Cruelties from those who use their power

To take what does not belong

To them

Child     if I could

I would explain such behavior

To help you understand

I cannot

For I do not understand

Never will     never will


But Child     this I do know

With certainty

Love is the Healer

And I Love you


If Only I Could

Do you not see   truly see
Faces of children
Caught in the middle of war
As they witness     as they experience
Cruelty exploding around them
Their eyes wide with fear
Faces expressing bewilderment
Frozen in terror

Do you not feel   truly feel
A silent war like an infection
Coursing through the blood stream
Of our country
For me    guns are the virus
Gunshots into a crowded concert
At innocents in a store
A school yard   a movie theater
To claim a religion   an ideological
It is war   wherever guns are used
To kill   to maim   to terrify
I abhor them
Would outlaw guns
If only I could

After St. Francis — Prayer of Peace



I too ask

Make me an Instrument of Your


I too would sow love

Where there is hatred


Where intolerance


Where doubt keeps some


In night’s darkest


I would sow Faith

Where despair brings some

To their knees

I would sow Hope


Oh Lord

I will do my best

For those who are inconsolable

To lead them to You

To be consoled

To ask my spirit for understanding

So that I understand in depth

Their need for understanding

Above all

To love unconditionally

Al Your children     everywhere

No exceptions

And not ask to be loved

Myself               Amen