Sister Moon


Tonight a crescent moon

Thin like a strand of silver


Wisps of cloud move around

Her gentle shape

That disappears as a marine




Comes to command the night



Waking in early hours

After midnight

I look for the moon

Look for Orion

Out the bedroom window

Earth’s rotation

Brings them to me

Different hours

Different nights

Orion with reddish mars


Sirius below

Her brilliance shimmering

In the dark


Many times

The moon is come

Is gone

Before I wake

But many times

Its light falls on me

Through the window

Many times

I see the moon

Go down

Behind myaporum

Its face fractured

Like broken glass

By the branches

Made whole again

When it rises



There is an energy

That connects me

To all of them

My spirit sings

In the night

Claims the moon

As sister