From My Window is available in paperback, and can be ordered here at Amazon.com.

by Wendy Wolff Blumberg
Trim Sixe: 6″ x 9″  |  126 pages
Paperback $10.00 ISBN: 978-0-9978520-9-7 |


Welcome to my website! What a strange and wonderful statement this is. Just a few years back, I did not even know what a website was. Now, with my 4th published book, I continue showcasing new poems here on the blog that my editor/daughter manages. (Thank you, Dina!) In my mid 80s now, I still find it hard to believe that this kind of digital “magic” exists, where I can write a poem and instantly publish it. As I wrote in the Introduction of my first published book, Poets are the Bravest,

“… I have never been interested, or wanted to expend the energy in trying to get the poems published. Whatever time I had to myself, I used for writing them. If I had an experience that moved me in any part of my life, I would try to express my response, my feelings, through writing a poem. … Even when a poem doesn’t work, even when my writing angel can’t help me out of a poetic jam, for me this isn’t wasted time. It is time I’ve spent getting to know myself a little better. Failure is as important for me as a poem that has been completed with a fair degree of satisfaction.”

My granddaughter, Aster, showing me how she uses the Kindle, summer 2013.

My granddaughter, Aster, showing me how she uses the Kindle, summer 2013.

I still get a kick out of using this interactive method of writing and publishing poetry, knowing that I continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity for the small audience who visit.

Thank you for stopping by. I welcome your feedback.