There is tragedy

In this world

Devastation upon devastation

I cannot begin to describe it

I will not try

Enough to tell

My heart’s sadness

My mind’s despair

My feelings of being

On obsolete sidelines

Watching in the modern age

Of television

Exhausting struggles

Of those in its midst

The ravages of this


Its havoc     destruction

The heartbreak


A question     this question

Sticks like glue

To every part of my being

There are far far too


I would ask of it

Why     Why     no vaccine


It is like a serving

Of a specially loved


Any kind

They partake of

But they turn away

Tho their stomach growls

From hunger pangs


In the year


Half the population

In the known world

Died from Bubonic Plague

Called the Black Death

No vaccine     no vaccine

To save them

Some who could

Escaped to the


In cities     small towns

Carts were pulled

Up and down

The crowded filth laden

Cobblestone streets     lanes


The call     Bring out your dead

Bring out your dead

Echoes into this modern


There is a difference

A huge difference

It does not have to be

This way

It doesn’t have to



There is a gift     a blessed


In this     the twenty-first


I am grateful for it

This miracle     this one word


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In Memory of Love on the Road * Stephen’s 86th Birthday

August 6, 2021

Stephen’s 86th Birthday Donut











For me

Our drive from home

In California

To our home in

Santa Fe New Mexico

Was magical

I had you     my beloved

All to myself

No telephone ringing

With calls for you

From anyone

No TV voices

To turn off

Only us     just us

In the quiet of our


Driving at times

Many miles

In intimate silence


Do you remember

My very dear

The Italian restaurant

In Holbrook Arizona

Where for years

We spent the night

This restaurant

On the outskirts of town

Served astonishingly delicious



Motels crowded the area

A gas station

Close to the entrance

Of the Interstate

Where you would

Fill our tank

Before dinner

So we could leave


While still dark

To drive east

Toward Albuquerque

The sky growing lighter


Eating peanut butter


As the sun rose

Over the Interstate

Day had begun


Of course

Fall always arrived

Aspen leaves

Turned the mountains

To gold

Time for us

To drive home again

To California


My favorite place

To stop

As we drove west

Into the setting sun

Was Casa Grande

Arizona again

A friendly man

How we met     a mystery

I do not remember


He told us

He and his family

Owned a restaurant

We should come for


And we did

It had a cozy


And delicious food

A huge old tree

That has stood

For at least a

Hundred years

Was the guardian

Of the front yard

And the family’s


We went back and


At least four years

On the way home

And then

The tree fell down

The restaurant lost its



And us

We grieved the loss

Knew it wouldn’t be


Drove up and down

The road that led into

Casa Grande

Among the motels

Gas stations

McDonald’s and other

Fast food places

Until we found “Millie’s”

It didn’t have a

Huge old tree

It wasn’t very cozy

The food was OK

But as the saying goes

We made do


My dear Love

For twenty-five years

You drove 900 miles

Each way

From California

To New Mexico

From New Mexico


To California

It was a magical time

For me

Being together with


I thank you     thank you

For the ride


I love you forever and ever

Happy Birthday

Santa Fe, 1986