83rd Birthday Memories–Part I


Look back down the years

My childhood years

Am I that little girl

Wearing braids with nails bitten

Down to the quick

Yes     it is I     yes

Feeling I am from another


A planet far far away

Perhaps a star

A bright star it’d be

Shining brighter than other


I came from there

I don’t belong here


My family sits around

Grandmother’s table

Gathers every Sunday

One o’clock sharp

For Sunday dinner

Dare not be late


My family talks     expresses opinions

Don’t often agree    seldom laugh

They love me

I know this     I know this

They love me     but do not

Know me

They love me but cannot feel

Who I am


I feel who I am

I am different inside


I have tantrums

Want what cannot be


Want the warmth

Of hugs     of arms around me


I love you     you’re okay

My family loves me

Love that needs to learn

To express itself

Some generations grow up

With silent love

Silent love unexpressed


I need love expressed

In words     in demonstrative


So     I cry     I scream

Bite a crystal glass

Of water

Mother holds to my lips

No one can understand

This child


Forty years go by

We talk on the phone

Long distance now

I am here     they are there

My love for them

Needs expression

I begin to say

As our conversations


I love you     I love you

Many months go by


I hear it

I love you

It becomes the way we say


(written: June 29, 2015)

*photo credit



Mourning dove     I hear you calling

You call     you call     call again

But no utterance of sound     of words

From me in answer to you

Could fill the silence of your solitude


An unseen woodpecker

Sends a rapid staccato

Of tap tap tapping

From some nearby tree

My ears try to direct

My eyes

To discover its location

I listen     look listen look

Finally give up my anticipation

That ends in disappointment

Pure frustration


My children’s childhood

Rebounds in remembering

Snippets of scenes

Tho the sound of their childhood


Have faded

Like shadows from a forgotten



I imagine myriad

Sounds    voices

That enter the portal of my


Year unto year

Some leave     many remain

Becoming part of me

Of who I am

But if I have a choice

I will carry into forever

The sound I love most

Your voice     your voice


*photo credit