My Untethered Horse


I want to tell you

A dream I had

In the darkest part

Of night

A dream so vivid

I have to believe

It was no dream

But real


I am riding on the back

Of an untethered horse

I too     untethered

No saddle     no stirrups

No reins

Come between us

As my hands hold to her mane

My knees pressed against

The shine of the hair

On her sides


Oh     I would ride free


I call to the wind

On the back of this

Untethered horse

My soul     my spirit

As free as she

Galloping on the sunlit shore

With an endless sea

Behind her


Then Beloveds

I wake filled with joy

Feel my spirit speak

Hear words

From my soul

Telling me


The untethered horse

Is my horse

She is God’s love

For me

My freedom

I can ride untethered

Free forever


All I must do

Is let go

Drain pools of negativity

Collected through years

Of judgmental thoughts

Judgmental words spoken aloud

Deep pain from shame

From guilt

For things that were done

Not done

Neglected     forgotten

By me

Let them pass

Through my consciousness

Like water through a sieve


Let go     let them go

Unto God

—September 2014

For Now

I cannot put my words


It is as if they are trapped

Inside my brain

Words I need

To express my distress

Feelings of disbelief

And if I am truthful


At what is being allowed

In the unraveling of my country’s


I cannot get the words out

Write them down

Will have to let other voices

Be heard

Other voices exclaim

The anger     bewilderment


Like silt building up

In the pristine waters

Of a mountain stream

I will listen

Follow where they lead

Trusting it be

Into the light of reason



For now

My hibiscus blooms large scarlet discs

Under my window


For now

I watch crazy flights

Of a Phoebe bird

As it snaps up insects

On the wing

Am mesmerized

By these different sized evergreens

On a hill

Above the Camino Real

Swaying as one

In the wind


For now

Music     laughter

Kind voices from anyone


Human and animal

Voices of my children

My True Love

Sounds from my own world

The only real word now

For me

Life as a River

I think of Life as a river

That begins from its source

Somewhere unknown to me

Flowing around me     flowing over

Any obstacle that lies in its


A large boulder     fallen timber

Always moving to follow its


With twists     with turns

Changing     as landscape it flows past


To widen     to narrow

Continuing the journey

Until it joins another river

Or flows on its own

To the sea




Midnight for me is

Mysterious     unattainable

For Mother has me in bed

By eight o’clock     always

Eight o’clock

Hard as I try

When my eyes open again

Morning shines into my


I want to know     midnight

What it feels like

Who is there     what do they do

In midnight


I would like to see

Winged horses

White like Pegasus

Unicorns     dancing bears

I want animals that speak

My language

To have conversation

Be friends

Colors swirling around us

Rainbows     even angels

With halos     with wings

Oh     will I never know

Will I ever know

What it feels like

To be awake in



Years pass

My beloveds sleep

In their beds

Here I am

Notebook open     pen in


It is quiet     so quiet

My sanctuary of peace

And the clock strikes


—February 7, 2017


The New Year

My years are like my days

Passing quickly      so quickly

The four little children

I escorted through childhood

With devoted love

With hope for wisdom

Are now in their fifties

When I think of this

I am grateful for them


And amazed


This past year is now

The new year

I feel deep relief

Welcome New Year

You began with rain

Serious rain

On our drought laden


And I made this vow

No resolution      a vow

My attention      my energies

Will reside with what is


What is kind

With love for All That Is

No exceptions

And forgiveness

For what the old year


For what the New Year

May bring

–January 2017



Angel Wind


I call to you

Blow away storms

That rise at times

Inside me

Blow them away


Dark clouds

Dark    dark

Surround my heart’s


They drift upwards

Fill my mind

Down again

To cover my organs

Invade my body’s


Push Spirit’s Light

Away     away

While I live unaware

The calamities

Storm tossed emotions



Something unknown then


A voice speaks to me

I hear without ears

That hear

Feel it like the warmth

Of a blanket wrapped around



It says

“Ask and it shall be given”

I ask


And the Angel Wind


Blows the storms

That rise inside me

Out to sea

Blows them into the ether

Vanishing like the morning


Away    away

To understand


In naked clarity

The Angel Wind

Is me

*photo credit




Super Blood Moon



A faint glow of red

Barely visible

Through the top of the

Balsam pine

Tells me my eyes have found

The Super Blood Moon

Wait    wait now

For it to rise

Over the treetop

Into the naked sky

Watch the soft covering

Of her face

Slowly evaporate

As the sun

Far from my portion

Of earth

Moves on releasing her light

As the moon clothes herself

In brilliant white


This is a Super Blood Moon

A gift from Spirit

Her eclipse bringing a message

Of renewal     of transformation

First a covering     then a


A familiar journey

From what has lain

So long

Deep inside me

Slowly to be let go

Now standing on an ordinary

Cement sidewalk

I am one with her

On this night of magic

Of mystery

As she draws me up

Draws me into the brilliant radiance

Of her glorious light     holy light

Light from nowhere on earth


Oh what message     what message

From All That Is

Comes with this Super Blood Moon

Only one’s soul     only a soul

Can answer

*photo credit: Stella Blumberg

Dry Spell


written spring 2015

I have lost the magic

In my words

As I’ve lost the moon

The stars are gone

From my portion of sky

I grieve them all


You and I once watched

The sun as it sank

Behind the Jemez Mountains

In New Mexico

Leaving a glorious fire

Of orange     of gold

Of deep crimson

That reached into clouds

High above     it’s descent


Where is Orion now

Where are the dippers

I search the indigo

Of early evening

Before windows in homes

Across El Camino Real

Reflect lamplight from inside them

So many streetlights

So many lit windows

My portion of sky

Is no longer mine

My words feel as tho

They’ve escaped into a

Starless sky

In a starless night

*photo credit



When we have had a



It doesn’t happen often

You know


I feel I am in a

Foreign country

Landing on unfamiliar


From some far away


Not knowing who I am

Where I belong


Feeling unlike myself

Inside the depths

Of mind   of body

My heat remaining



It is not the words

My dear Love

I do not remember


Do not listen to


My distress rides

On the tone of voice


To speak the words

My Achilles heel

Returning me to


I remember hearing

In childhood

That put me on the defensive

So     around     around     around

We go     you and I

Then     it ends


It takes a small time

For me

To come back into my familiar


Like stillness

After a storm passes

Before a bird begins to sing



Listening In & Missing You



Listening In


Where I am now

There is soft chirping

From small birds


Out my open window

I listen to them

Hear their conversations

Like the ebb and flow

Of human voices

Around a dinner table

It feels somewhat like

I am eavesdropping

On their privacy

But I do not understand

Their language

Have no idea

What is being discussed

So what can it matter

Anyway                              –2013


Missing You

It is in another time

Another place

I hear mocking birds


As they claim their territories

In the mating months

Of February and March

Our Southern California spring


Each bird owns their own


Of rhythm     trills     melodies

Culled from the sounds

Of other birds

Their songs resonating like bells

From hillsides around my house



I remember wonderment

Remember my joy

To hear a mocking bird


In the silence of midnight

Moon music     I call it

A lullaby into sleep                         –2013-2014


*photo image found on Pinterest