Wedding Day Poem

For Two Cherished Grandchildren

It is an adventure

You are embarking on

Known and unknown routes

Of the Voyage Marriage

The seas will be calm

The roads smooth

The hills     the rivers

Easily passable

The skies clear     the sun


The moon a lantern

To light your night

The stars an invitation

To always gaze upwards


But if the skies

Should sometimes darken

Clouds obscure the sun

And you hear the rumble of


Feel lightening flash

Put your arms around

Each other

For if in truth

You caused the lightening

The thunder

Even rain     even wind

In their aftermath

Remember love     remember love

That lives     forever in your


And let the storms fade from

Your memory

They have no power

Over Love


Nothing in the Universe

Nothing in life

Has power

Over Love


*July 30, 2021

All Love for My Hero



I remember well

The beautiful young man

Standing in the front room

Of the Rodgers Park Jewish

Community Center

One June morning in


I have come there

To be a counselor

In the Center’s summer day camp

A job I’m not overly excited

About taking

Only here because a college friend

Tells me there’s an opening for a

Girl counselor     and there isn’t any

Other summer jobs I know of

To apply for

Oh yes

I walk in and there he is

Standing right smack in front

Of me

I look up into a pair of very

Blue eyes

In a face smiling down at me

With beautiful     white     even teeth

He wears a white tee shirt

The sleeves rolled up once

His arms tanned     and not bulging

With muscles     just right

I don’t remember anything else of that

Day     our first meeting

Except that first day unbeknownst

To me     is the blessed first day of

Sixty-two wonderful years     sixty of them

In marriage


Thank you God     thank you Stephen

And you beloved family

Beloved friends

For blessing us     honoring us

By coming to be with us

As we celebrate our marriage

Of sixty blessed years


Thank you     Thank you     Thank you