March 30, 2014

Hello again, everyone! I just remembered something that occurred at my fourth birthday party. So, opening my apartment door and saying to myself, From this time on I will remember had to have been when I was three or younger.

Anyway, my grandmother made my favorite strawberry ice cream. It was so fantastically delicious. I adored it and it was served at the party. I remember sitting at a rather long rectangular table. All the little friends were seated with me around the table. I don’t remember any of them, except one little boy who sat two seats down from me to my right. As we were eating my grandmother’s incredibly delicious strawberry ice cream, I suddenly heard from my right, “MORE! MORE”. I bent my head to look around the child directly on my right, and there he was, demanding, “MORE MORE”. I remember being furious with this kid; how dare he want more of my precious strawberry ice cream. I wanted it all to myself. At least what was left of it after everyone had been served. This party could have been at the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Pavilion that was rented out for such events like kid’s birthday parties. What has not remained in my memory of my fourth birthday party is: did the little boy get more of my strawberry ice cream? And was there any left for me to take home? Most likely not for both questions!

Be safe … be well … be happy.

Love, Wendy

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