Rain comes

Sky dark with clouds

Holding water

Release it in sheets

That slant sideways

Onto the street

Out my kitchen



It is to celebrate

This rain

That has not watered


For many months

With so generous

An amount

I watch it

Give thanks for


Then feeling gratitude

For being warm

Being dry

Inside my own


My thoughts flash

To Terrence

Living on the grass

With his possessions

Above Swamis Beach

Whom I meet

One beautiful afternoon

When sprays of white

Appear    disappear

Appear again

Far out in the ocean

From the gray whales

On their journey south

To Baja


Where is Terrance now

Where are the homeless

Where can they go

To be warm

Be dry

Be safe


Later in the night

Rain pounds noisily

On the roof

Splashes against the bedroom


My thoughts harbor

The homeless

The children

And I tell myself

If you truly care

Find a way

Fortunate woman

Find a way

To help




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