To the Honorable Ministers of the Hague

I write this letter to reiterate the deep feelings of my previous letter that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, in his cruel treatment of the innocent men, women, and yes, children of Tigray in Ethiopia should be brought before your tribunal and accused of war crimes. He continues bombing many areas, including Mekelle, the capital of Tigray; he continues blocking access for humanitarian aid so that desperately needed food and medical supplies are unable to get through. It is a genocide, Ministers, that is being committed on the innocent people of Tigray who only chose to remain an independent entity in the northern region of Ethiopia.

Killings, rape, starvation, and repeated bombings. The Hague has the power to bring the instigator of Tigray’s plight before its tribunal and declare him guilty of committing war crimes against the innocent people of Tigray. The world has stood by over many decades as atrocities have been committed on too many innocent people in too many countries. I ask the Hague not to stand by as this situation in Tigray continues on and on. One man could stop it. He chooses not to.

Thank you, Ministers, for your attention.  Wendy Blumberg


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