Mourning dove     I hear you calling

You call     you call     call again

But no utterance of sound     of words

From me in answer to you

Could fill the silence of your solitude


An unseen woodpecker

Sends a rapid staccato

Of tap tap tapping

From some nearby tree

My ears try to direct

My eyes

To discover its location

I listen     look listen look

Finally give up my anticipation

That ends in disappointment

Pure frustration


My children’s childhood

Rebounds in remembering

Snippets of scenes

Tho the sound of their childhood


Have faded

Like shadows from a forgotten



I imagine myriad

Sounds    voices

That enter the portal of my


Year unto year

Some leave     many remain

Becoming part of me

Of who I am

But if I have a choice

I will carry into forever

The sound I love most

Your voice     your voice


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2 thoughts on “Voices

  • September 2, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Oh Wendy, you’ve done it again. Every time I get one of these from you I know before I read it that I will be gently touched…….and that some surprise awaits me. This time it was the flooding back of children’s voices that caught me off guard.


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