After St. Francis — Prayer of Peace



I too ask

Make me an Instrument of Your


I too would sow love

Where there is hatred


Where intolerance


Where doubt keeps some


In night’s darkest


I would sow Faith

Where despair brings some

To their knees

I would sow Hope


Oh Lord

I will do my best

For those who are inconsolable

To lead them to You

To be consoled

To ask my spirit for understanding

So that I understand in depth

Their need for understanding

Above all

To love unconditionally

Al Your children     everywhere

No exceptions

And not ask to be loved

Myself               Amen



One thought on “After St. Francis — Prayer of Peace

  • December 18, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Wendy, I’m trying to raise money for some Rwandan orphans.

    Some of my paintings are in a gallery in Newport Beach, CA.

    . The woman in charge is the daughter of an old friend.

    She lives in Capistrano, down your way.

    The gallery and the people in charge of this operation know very little about how to present and/or to sell art.

    But they’re exceptionall nice people with wonderfully open hearts…….Brimming with love.

    The Rwandan tragedy. Is astonishly brutal & sad.

    When I was invited to participate in this fund raising event I jumped in. As is my wont.

    And, of course nothing of mine sold and very little else of consequence has been purshased since we had our opening.

    So consider this a call for help. Not from you personally, but perhaps from someone you know.


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