After St. Francis — Prayer of Peace



I too ask

Make me an Instrument of Your


I too would sow love

Where there is hatred


Where intolerance


Where doubt keeps some


In night’s darkest


I would sow Faith

Where despair brings some

To their knees

I would sow Hope


Oh Lord

I will do my best

For those who are inconsolable

To lead them to You

To be consoled

To ask my spirit for understanding

So that I understand in depth

Their need for understanding

Above all

To love unconditionally

Al Your children     everywhere

No exceptions

And not ask to be loved

Myself               Amen



To Live in Blessed Peace


Little Child

Held tight in your father’s arms

I want to cry

For you

You do not cry

So I will not


Tho your face expresses how

Frightened you are

Your eyes of deep brown

Look sad to my eyes

That see you in a line

Of refugees

Hurrying to where

I don’t know

Germany     perhaps England

Maybe France

You flee your homeland


And little child

Little boy

As you are held

In your father’s arms

So I hold you

In my heart

Hold you with a vision

Of a new life for you

A life free from fear

A place for you to


As children are meant to play


As children are meant to grow

A place that in my


Is every place on earth

Where all children

Of God     of All That Is

No matter who they are

No matter where they come


Live in Blessed Peace

*photo credit, UNICEF

Children of the World

Guardian Angel, by Janop

This is the time

This is Now

To gather the children

Of the world

Into my heart

No matter

Who they are

No matter

Where they are

No matter

Colors of their skin

No matter

They be wise

No matter

Be they slow

They live inside


With the Light

With the love

Of the Divine


Who gives the bounty

Mother Earth provides

Us all

But     Oh Divine Creator

There are children

In our world

Many children

Who live with empty


Hollow eyes

Parasites in their


From dirty water

They drink

Bathe in

There are children

Many children

Around the world

Who know the terror

Of a mass shooting

The terror of war

Bombs     gunfire

People around them


Mothers     fathers

Siblings     schoolmates

Their minds     their dreams

Clogged with the


Of rape     pillaging     killing


Divine Creator

I call to you

Hear me

Help us stop it

Help us stop it

Help us save

Our children

Hear me


I bless them

Cherish them

Love them


This is the time



Thank you     thank you     thank you