I would hold you close

In my arms

As you grieve your loss

Mother     Father     Siblings

Your family     your home

Witnessing scenes

No child should have to see

No one should have to see

If I could     Child

I would erase these pictures

From your mind

Your mind’s hauntings

Spilling into your dreamworld



You are every child

To me

Who has suffered cruelties

Of war

Cruelties from greed

Cruelties from those who use their power

To take what does not belong

To them

Child     if I could

I would explain such behavior

To help you understand

I cannot

For I do not understand

Never will     never will


But Child     this I do know

With certainty

Love is the Healer

And I Love you



… Listen    listen

To the children

Those who are like flower buds

Opening     as they are

Into their adulthood

Listen to them

You who close your minds

Your hearts

To give them safety

Safety through laws

That could prevent them

Ever having to witness


In what was the cocoon

Of their school


It is time     it is past


To ban weapons built

Only to kill     to destroy

Where does your intent


You who are labeled maker of


Do you use your powers

Of office

To bolster the existence of

Assault weapons


Will you listen to the children

Will you listen

As you never listened to their elders

And act on what needs


Ban the assault guns

Ban them     ban them



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Thus It Is So

Beethoven composes his majestic Ninth Symphony

Mozart the sacred Requiem

Handel his powerful Messiah

Poverty is alive all around them

And children go hungry


Every age     every millennium

Carries suffering

Gives birth to those who live

Impelled to help

Gives birth to those who choose

To turn away

Leaving their powers for change


Like a blade of sea grass

Pulled with the tide

Into the deepest depth

Of the ocean

Thus it is so



Beyond Redemption


Across the sky

Blue    blue

As my grandfather’s


Clouds    white as angel wings

Might be

Undefined edges

Soft as baby hair

Float slowly in a promenade

Above my head

Eyes pull the scene

Into a place of


I will draw it out

Create protection

Against the harshness

Of these times

Words    threats     accusations

Scatter like scraps of waste


That litter     soil     what is


Of our political innocence

And I tell you this

There is a cancer

In the gut of the

Body Politic

It must be removed

Cut away

Before it will metastasize

Beyond    redemption

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To Live in Blessed Peace


Little Child

Held tight in your father’s arms

I want to cry

For you

You do not cry

So I will not


Tho your face expresses how

Frightened you are

Your eyes of deep brown

Look sad to my eyes

That see you in a line

Of refugees

Hurrying to where

I don’t know

Germany     perhaps England

Maybe France

You flee your homeland


And little child

Little boy

As you are held

In your father’s arms

So I hold you

In my heart

Hold you with a vision

Of a new life for you

A life free from fear

A place for you to


As children are meant to play


As children are meant to grow

A place that in my


Is every place on earth

Where all children

Of God     of All That Is

No matter who they are

No matter where they come


Live in Blessed Peace

*photo credit, UNICEF

Love is the Answer

” The Light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness apprehended it not.”  —The Bible–ASV:  John 1:5
I made an intent
To myself
It came from Spirit
From my soul
I do not watch
The news
Do not hear
Do not see
Rained upon
Blood spilled from
Who have done no harm
To anyone
But an email
Creeps onto my screen
I read it before
Realizing its contents
My bewilderment turns to
Bleeds through my
Into the core of my


From where I am
I no longer ask
Why     Why
Does it keep happening
I no longer
How a human being
Can inflict harm
Take life
From a fellow being
Even a child


I have no answers
Never did
I have no power
To stop these acts
But in faith
I ask
Can you love
Deep enough     strongly
To send your love
To everyone     everywhere
In our world
No matter who they
Can we try
Can you     can I


“Love is the answer
To every question” *
Love     Love     Loving
For me
Our Path to Peace
*"A course in Miracles"
photo credit