Dry Spell


written spring 2015

I have lost the magic

In my words

As I’ve lost the moon

The stars are gone

From my portion of sky

I grieve them all


You and I once watched

The sun as it sank

Behind the Jemez Mountains

In New Mexico

Leaving a glorious fire

Of orange     of gold

Of deep crimson

That reached into clouds

High above     it’s descent


Where is Orion now

Where are the dippers

I search the indigo

Of early evening

Before windows in homes

Across El Camino Real

Reflect lamplight from inside them

So many streetlights

So many lit windows

My portion of sky

Is no longer mine

My words feel as tho

They’ve escaped into a

Starless sky

In a starless night

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One thought on “Dry Spell

  • October 21, 2015 at 6:03 am

    Oh Wendy. A slump. No stars. No magic in the air. Each time it goes I’m sure it’s gone forever. But then it comes agAin & I can go on. Fall is a time of dying leaves. Leaves die to be replaced by new green shoots. Your own green shoots are in uterine now. When the time is right they’ll test the air & push their tendrils out into the world agAin. Enjoy this quiet uneventf time. Love, sari


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